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Remembering that Words Matter

In times past, there was universal agreement among thinking people that words matter and therefore should be used honestly and with precision. However, from time to time many people have forgotten or ignored this precept, so reminders have been needed.

G. K. Chesterton provided one in Orthodoxy (1908) when he wrote, “Most of the machinery of modern language is [labor-saving] machinery; and it saves mental [labor] very much more than it ought .… Read More


The Catholic Vote in 2016

62154044 - usa presidential election day concept vector illustration. putting voting paper in the ballot box with american flag on background. voting concept in flat style.According to most reports, a majority of Catholics intend to vote for Hillary Clinton this year. The reason, at least in part, is that Democrats have always claimed to champion working class voters, and Catholics still believe them. In the days when Democratic ideals and programs were compatible with Catholicism, such unquestioning allegiance posed no great danger. But today the situation has changed.

Democratic ideals and programs are not what they once were, particularly concerning abortion.… Read More


O’Reilly’s “Potential Human Being”

Fetus, 36278550_sWhen Bill O’Reilly used the term “potential human being” to describe a human fetus in 2011, Catholic Online (among other journals) quickly corrected him. However, he evidently didn’t get the message, because he continued to use the term. Four years later, on May 28, 2015, he showed a letter from a viewer objecting to the term and then chastised him, arguing that the term was less extreme than that used by many pro-life advocates and therefore a more effective way to advance the pro-life cause.… Read More


Feminism and Sharia Law

Muslim Woman13591977_sThe last group one would expect to be helping advance Sharia (Islamic) law is feminists, and yet they are doing just that, albeit unintentionally.

As is well known, Feminism opposes male domination and the political and social systems that perpetuate it and discriminate against women. In contrast, Sharia law prescribes and celebrates male domination and consigns women to subordinate status. Though specific Sharia rules can vary, the following ones are among the most common:

A man can have four wives, a woman only one husband

A woman needs her spouse’s consent to obtain a divorce.… Read More