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The Challenge of Healing America

Trump, 23231295_sThroughout Election Day I suffered from what might be termed anticipatory depression. I dreaded that the outcome shamefully engineered by the mainstream media and carelessly prophesied by most pollsters—the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton—would come to pass.

I told myself that the voters would surely see through the incessant demonization of Trump and the absurd depiction of Hillary as America’s last best hope. Yet I was not sure they would do so.… Read More


The Catholic Vote in 2016

62154044 - usa presidential election day concept vector illustration. putting voting paper in the ballot box with american flag on background. voting concept in flat style.According to most reports, a majority of Catholics intend to vote for Hillary Clinton this year. The reason, at least in part, is that Democrats have always claimed to champion working class voters, and Catholics still believe them. In the days when Democratic ideals and programs were compatible with Catholicism, such unquestioning allegiance posed no great danger. But today the situation has changed.

Democratic ideals and programs are not what they once were, particularly concerning abortion.… Read More


Hillary’s 600 Unanswered Requests

Hillary SpeakingWhat is most troubling about Secretary Clinton’s testimony on the Benghazi affair is the fact that 600 requests from Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff for extra security went unanswered. Subsequently, Islamic terrorists killed four Americans.

These days, when news reports speak in terms of billions and trillions, 600 may seem a trivial number. Perhaps that is why so many media people ignored the matter entirely, focusing instead on Secretary Clinton’s calm demeanor during the hearing, and concluding that she had vanquished her Republican “oppressors” and secured her position as the leading Democratic presidential candidate.… Read More


The Coming Attacks on Trump

Trump, 23231295_sDonald Trump has already been the subject of one attack ad by Senator Rand Paul, and other candidates are reportedly planning to launch similar attacks in the coming months. I believe this will be a serious mistake.

I should begin by pointing out that I have not been a Trump supporter. In fact, in a July 2015 essay I noted that, though he is forthright in expressing his views about the serious problems facing the country, he is prone to demonize those who disagree with him.… Read More