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Remembering that Words Matter

In times past, there was universal agreement among thinking people that words matter and therefore should be used honestly and with precision. However, from time to time many people have forgotten or ignored this precept, so reminders have been needed.

G. K. Chesterton provided one in Orthodoxy (1908) when he wrote, “Most of the machinery of modern language is [labor-saving] machinery; and it saves mental [labor] very much more than it ought .… Read More


Donald Trump’s Favor

Trump, 23231295_sDonald Trump exploded onto the Republican presidential scene in July, bringing a level of excitement far beyond what the other dozen or so candidates had generated combined. With the excitement came two controversies and a commanding lead in the polls. The latter development left detractors questioning the good sense of the people polled, and supporters claiming Trump had tapped a deep reservoir of public dissatisfaction with government.… Read More


Catholic Bishops and Immigration

US Border 7053473_sIn June, 2014, speaking for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Bishop Mark Seitz testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the undocumented immigration crisis. In published form, that testimony runs 15 pages.

Criticizing a document focused on moral theology is risky because the critic can all too easily be dismissed as irreligious, unenlightened, or both. Yet when the moral theology is flawed, as it is in this case, the risk is well worth taking.… Read More