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Sharia Law and Muslim Morality

Mosque, 26639710_sTo people raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the punishments called for in Sharia law are shocking. And even more shocking is the widespread approval of those punishments by Muslims around the world.

The punishment for adultery is stoning people to death, typically by burying the offenders in sand up to their necks and then having others throw large stones at their unprotected heads.

The punishment for theft and robbery is severe whipping or cutting off offenders’ hands.… Read More


Christians and Karma

Consequences (2)11164938_sChristians are not noted for learning from people of different faiths. In fact, many Christians seem to believe that even considering a perspective that differs from their own is borderline sinful. That is unfortunate because examining others’ views can often deepen our own. A good example of this is the concept of karma.

Karma is an eastern concept, notably Buddhist, claiming that what we think, say, and do now is rewarded or punished later.… Read More