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Envisioning America in 2050

50879550 - court concept for islamic sharia laws and practicesForecasting the future is an inexact enterprise at best. Yet examining current conditions and trends is a helpful way of identifying what dangers need to be addressed. Earlier this year British conservative Paul Weston offered some thoughts that merit Americans’ attention.

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 3, 2016 Weston pointed out that Sweden has lost its demographic contest with Islam, Britain is losing theirs, and America will in all likelihood follow suit in the coming decades.… Read More


Sharia Law and Muslim Morality

Mosque, 26639710_sTo people raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the punishments called for in Sharia law are shocking. And even more shocking is the widespread approval of those punishments by Muslims around the world.

The punishment for adultery is stoning people to death, typically by burying the offenders in sand up to their necks and then having others throw large stones at their unprotected heads.

The punishment for theft and robbery is severe whipping or cutting off offenders’ hands.… Read More


Feminism and Sharia Law

Muslim Woman13591977_sThe last group one would expect to be helping advance Sharia (Islamic) law is feminists, and yet they are doing just that, albeit unintentionally.

As is well known, Feminism opposes male domination and the political and social systems that perpetuate it and discriminate against women. In contrast, Sharia law prescribes and celebrates male domination and consigns women to subordinate status. Though specific Sharia rules can vary, the following ones are among the most common:

A man can have four wives, a woman only one husband

A woman needs her spouse’s consent to obtain a divorce.… Read More