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Catholic Prelates and Muslim Immigration

For almost two millennia, Christianity has survived innumerable challenges from without, including heresies, schisms and philosophical “isms,” as well as more than a few challenges from within. But the most dangerous challenge of all may be one that was overcome seven centuries ago but is now regenerated—the challenge posed by Islam. Its agents no longer wield battle axes and scimitars, as their militant predecessors did. They travel instead in the peaceful garb of immigrants and refugees.… Read More


The Catholic Vote in 2016

62154044 - usa presidential election day concept vector illustration. putting voting paper in the ballot box with american flag on background. voting concept in flat style.According to most reports, a majority of Catholics intend to vote for Hillary Clinton this year. The reason, at least in part, is that Democrats have always claimed to champion working class voters, and Catholics still believe them. In the days when Democratic ideals and programs were compatible with Catholicism, such unquestioning allegiance posed no great danger. But today the situation has changed.

Democratic ideals and programs are not what they once were, particularly concerning abortion.… Read More


Why Catholic Numbers Are Declining

Catholic Church_sAccording to the latest Pew research, the American Catholic population has declined by 3 million in the last seven years. Today 41% of people who had been raised Catholic are no longer Catholic. Some have joined other churches, while others have no religious affiliation.

What is causing this decline? The main reason is cultural. Spirituality and morality are now considered a matter of personal taste or preference, which means that formal religion, particularly a dogmatic religion like Catholicism, is regarded as irrelevant.… Read More


Rome’s “Welcome” to Homosexuals

Elephant Head,24274097_sIn early October, a draft of a Vatican synod report on family life spoke of “welcoming [homosexuals] . . . to a fraternal place in our communities [emphasis added].”

Criticism came quickly from many quarters, including some of the bishops who had participated in the synod. Just as quickly, the wording in English was softened to “providing [homosexuals] . . . a place of fellowship in our communities [emphasis added].” In the Italian version, however, the word accogliere—literally, “welcome”—was left unchanged.… Read More


What Happened to Catholicism?

St Peters Rome 30202827_sCatholics old enough to remember how different the Church was fifty or so years ago often wonder what happened to change it. The most common answer is the Second Vatican Council happened. But that answer raises more questions: What happened at that Council? What changed as a result? And were those changes theologically and/or philosophically justified?

To answer these questions fully would require much more space than is available here.… Read More