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Envisioning America in 2050

50879550 - court concept for islamic sharia laws and practicesForecasting the future is an inexact enterprise at best. Yet examining current conditions and trends is a helpful way of identifying what dangers need to be addressed. Earlier this year British conservative Paul Weston offered some thoughts that merit Americans’ attention.

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 3, 2016 Weston pointed out that Sweden has lost its demographic contest with Islam, Britain is losing theirs, and America will in all likelihood follow suit in the coming decades.… Read More


What Has Happened to America?

Truth, 20009265_sMany people are asking what has happened to our country. The question is occasioned both by the growing number of problems facing us—including terrorism, racial unrest, governmental profligacy, political intransigence, and educational decline—and by our diminishing ability to solve these problems.

I believe the best answer to the question is, “Relativism happened.” That is, truth is no longer considered objective and discovered, but instead subjective and created to fit our individual wishes and assumptions.… Read More


Will America Become Muslim?

Muslim Family BreakfastThe expansion of Islam is already well underway. But if you are thinking, “Let’s strengthen the NSA, CIA, FBI, and the armed services,” forget it. This expansion is demographic and is being carried out by ordinary Muslims, not terrorists. Nevertheless, it does have serious cultural implications.

Simply said, Muslims are out-reproducing Christians and Jews, among others. That is why some analysts already refer to Europe as “Eurabia” and why it is entirely possible that someday “USA” could stand for “United States of Allah”!… Read More


The Role of Attitude in Learning

Photo, Kids Saying Thank YouThe role of attitude is often ignored in discussions of educational achievement. One reason is that the usual definition of attitude—a “disposition” or “feeling”—is too vague to be helpful. A better definition is a belief expressed indirectly through tone of voice, mannerism, or behavior.

Like other beliefs, attitudes can be reasonable or foolish. Unlike other beliefs, they are seldom put into words and therefore must be inferred.… Read More