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The Challenge of Healing America

Trump, 23231295_sThroughout Election Day I suffered from what might be termed anticipatory depression. I dreaded that the outcome shamefully engineered by the mainstream media and carelessly prophesied by most pollsters—the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton—would come to pass.

I told myself that the voters would surely see through the incessant demonization of Trump and the absurd depiction of Hillary as America’s last best hope. Yet I was not sure they would do so.… Read More


The Real Media Scandal

Journalism Sign (Right Size)I have often mentioned an important news story to dedicated news watchers, only to have them respond, “I didn’t know that.” They no doubt assume that if something important happens, it will be reported. Years ago that assumption was warranted. It no longer is. Many of today’s news organizations ignore stories that are unfavorable to the people or parties they support.

This is particularly true of the “mainstream media”—NBC, CBS, and ABC—and of important newspapers like the New York Times.… Read More