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Death by a Thousand Slurs

This has been the mainstream media’s intention from the Republican primary, through the presidential campaign, and throughout Donald Trump’s first year in office. First there were the characterizations of him as a rude, insulting, narcissistic fool who had no business running for office. After his election, the depiction changed to evil genius who conspired with Russia to subvert the election. Since investigative efforts have revealed that Hillary Clinton is more suspect than Trump in that regard, the narrative has shifted again.… Read More


Why I’m Suspicious of Polls

It’s not that pollsters are dishonest, though some may be. Nor is it that the people polled give answers they think the pollsters want or political correctness demands, though many timid folk may do so. No, the reason I am suspicious of polls is that many people don’t have carefully formed opinions of their own—the kind formed by weighing real facts and drawing logical conclusions.… Read More


Why Such Divisiveness?

We hear much lamentation about “divisiveness” today and the cause is generally identified as one political party or both. But the main cause is neither political party, though both contribute to the problem. In fact, the cause is not any person or group but instead two intertwined ideas that became embedded in mass culture decades ago. The first is that we all have a right to our opinions.… Read More


The Sudden Firing of Bill O’Reilly

The full story concerning O’Reilly’s firing is not yet complete, so fairness demands that any judgment of the man be tentative and carefully qualified. A safe place to start such analysis is with general observations about scandal in high places.

Money begets power, which begets a sense of entitlement, lapses in judgment, and reckless behavior. Call this, if you will, the “I’m so rich and powerful that I can have whatever I want” delusion.… Read More


The Media’s Role in Social Discord

In late March, 2017, a 14 year old Rockville, MD girl was allegedly dragged into a school bathroom and raped by two illegal immigrants from Central America, one 18 years old and the other 17, both freshmen at the school. Although the story was covered by Fox News and Hispanic channel MegaTV, mainstream networks ignored it. ABC, NBC, and CBS gave it zero coverage that evening and the next morning.… Read More


The Real Media Scandal

Journalism Sign (Right Size)I have often mentioned an important news story to dedicated news watchers, only to have them respond, “I didn’t know that.” They no doubt assume that if something important happens, it will be reported. Years ago that assumption was warranted. It no longer is. Many of today’s news organizations ignore stories that are unfavorable to the people or parties they support.

This is particularly true of the “mainstream media”—NBC, CBS, and ABC—and of important newspapers like the New York Times.… Read More


Let Them Respond . . . Please!

Man Browbeating 4926088644_226da4a963_zMy heart goes out to the guests on news analysis shows. After spending years acquiring expertise in their fields, they get invited to share their knowledge. But then, when asked a question, before they get ten words into their answers they are interrupted and even told that they are wrong.

Here’s a fairly typical example. A host asked a guest why young people are shying away from Obamacare.… Read More