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My Political Disgust

24055032 - washington dc skyline in watercolor backgroundCall me a malcontent, if you wish, but I am disgusted with most politicians, their paid spokespeople, and the media that both cover them, in the journalistic sense, and provide cover for many of them, in the lickspittle sense.

I am disgusted with the Obama administration for misleading the country about, among other things, the Affordable Care Act, which is neither affordable nor caring; for disrespecting the police and the military; and for handling domestic and foreign affairs with gross incompetency.… Read More


Have They No Shame?

Pelosi PhotoSuppose your spouse said on Monday, “We have to cut back on our sugar consumption because eating too much is bad for our health,” and then on Tuesday, “Put lots of more sugar on your cereal. It not only tastes good—it’s also healthful.”

No doubt you’d  respond, “You just contradicted what you said yesterday. Did you learn something since then that made you change your mind?… Read More