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Overcoming Inner-City Poverty and Unrest

Kids in ClassroomPoliticians and community activists often claim that the solution to inner-city poverty and unrest is to increase educational and employment opportunities. This notion may get headlines and votes, but it ignores a number of realities. The following ones are among the most important:

Few good teachers are willing to work in schools where there is a high truancy rate and many students who do attend are uninterested in learning and disruptive; also, where large numbers of parents are unconcerned about their children’s performance and where physical assault is a daily concern for teachers.… Read More


Have They No Shame?

Pelosi PhotoSuppose your spouse said on Monday, “We have to cut back on our sugar consumption because eating too much is bad for our health,” and then on Tuesday, “Put lots of more sugar on your cereal. It not only tastes good—it’s also healthful.”

No doubt you’d  respond, “You just contradicted what you said yesterday. Did you learn something since then that made you change your mind?… Read More