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America’s Troubled Culture

American culture is infected with Relativism, the belief that everyone creates his or her own truth. In other words, that people don’t only have a right to their opinion—their opinions are necessarily right! At first thought, this notion seems eminently democratic and fair. It makes each individual the arbiter of fact and fiction, truth and error, wisdom and nonsense.

However, as Mortimer Adler noted*, this idea is as false today as it was when it was first proposed in Ancient Greece.… Read More


What Has Happened to America?

Truth, 20009265_sMany people are asking what has happened to our country. The question is occasioned both by the growing number of problems facing us—including terrorism, racial unrest, governmental profligacy, political intransigence, and educational decline—and by our diminishing ability to solve these problems.

I believe the best answer to the question is, “Relativism happened.” That is, truth is no longer considered objective and discovered, but instead subjective and created to fit our individual wishes and assumptions.… Read More