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Progressivism’s Fundamental Flaw

Francis Galton (Bing)Progressivism is the dominant political and social philosophy of our time. Even people who know little about it tend to regard it favorably. They believe that since progress suggests moving forward, developing, and improving, Progressivism must be positive and good. But Progressivism doesn’t deserve this favorable image because it is rooted in a profound falsehood—that the vast majority of human beings are mentally deficient and nothing can be done to alter their condition.Read More


Whatever Happened to Logic?

(123RF Purchase)14194886_sOnce upon a time, logic was held in high regard. Most educated people were acquainted with its basic principles and had at least modest skill in separating sound arguments from unsound ones. For example, they would see the validity of “All human beings are mortal; Americans are human beings; therefore Americans are mortal.” They would likewise recognize the fallacy in “Even geniuses make errors; I make errors; therefore I am a genius.”

They were also familiar with common pitfalls in thinking, including oversimplification, overgeneralization, unwarranted assumption,contradiction, and hasty conclusion.… Read More


Enjoying Your Obamelet?

White House KitchenObamelet is an apt metaphor for the President’s transformation of the economy. It recalls Vladimir Lenin’s statement, made 75 years ago in reference to the Great Famine in Ukraine:  “If you want to make an omelet, you must be willing to break a few eggs.” Let’s be clear: I am not labeling the President a murderer or a communist like Lenin. Nor am I implying that he is intentionally hurting people.… Read More


Don’t Raise The Debt Ceiling- LOWER It!

FranklinDoes the debt ceiling debate seem familiar? It should. From the Carter administration to the Obama administration the debt ceiling has been raised 39 times. Each time the increase was opposed but then passed by the opposition party.

It’s like a political variation on the silent movie drama in which the poor damsel says, “I can’t pay the rent,” the villainous landlord demands, “You must pay the rent,” and the young hero declares, “I’ll pay the rent.” In the political version, the parties take turns playing the villain.… Read More


Demonization On Parade

Lately the news has been overflowing with political demonization.  The perpetrators have mostly been liberals, though conservatives have on other occasions shown considerable prowess in the practice.

Here is a sampling of the current attacks by liberals, with key words in bold:

“You cannot negotiate when they take hostages and when they extort, period.”  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)

“What we’re not for is negotiating with people who have a bomb strapped to their chest.”  Senior White House Adviser Dan Pfeiffer

“They refuse to pass a budget unless I let them sabotage Obamacare, something they know is not going to happen.” President Barack Obama

“…The anarchists have taken over.… Read More


Who WROTE The Health Care Act?

Many legislators have admitted they didn’t read the Affordable Health Care Act before voting on it. Instead, they took Nancy Pelosi’s bizarre advice: “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” That line suggests a thought process right out of the Theater of the Absurd: This measure is controversial, but we’re going to postpone addressing the controversy until after we’ve read the measure, and we’re going to postpone reading it until we’ve passed it into a law binding on all Americans. Read More


When Red Lines Are Green Lights

As most people know, President Obama declared a “red line” warning the Syrian government not to use chemical weapons on its people. After the (colorblind?) Syrians ignored the warning, the President explained that it was not his red line but instead “the world’s.” Journalists have thus far been unable to verify this because “the world” seems to have an unlisted phone number.

The ensuing kerfluffle over whether the red line was the President’s or the world’s and whether it was wise or foolish got me wondering about just how useful red lines are.… Read More


“Look! . . . Up There!”

Barack Obama

Standing in a crowded street, a man points to the top of a building and shouts “Look,” the crowd obliges, and his partners in crime deftly relieve them of their wallets and purses. By the time the crowd realizes there’s nothing to look at, their financial situation has fallen precipitously.

“Look! . . . up there” is the simplest form of misdirection and has been pickpockets’ standard procedure for centuries.… Read More


Our Current Plague Of Nuttiness

hillaryEvery day’s news brings multiple illustrations of the plague of nuttiness that is afflicting America. A case in point is the government’s handling of the Benghazi affair.

On September 11, 2012, the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked, four Americans including the ambassador were killed and ten others were injured. The administration blamed the attack on protests about an anti-Islamic video, an assertion they reportedly knew to be false.… Read More


The Janitorial Conspiracy

ObamaJanitorsWhile the national and international media have been mired in the minutiae of the Obama administration’s triple scandal, our crack investigative staff have uncovered the real story. And it is more dramatic than the sensationalism that has been passing for news.

Let us first recap the major details of the scandals, in the order of their revelation:

First was the administration’s handling of the terrorist attack on Benghazi.… Read More