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Our Relationship with Time

Does time really move faster when we are late for an appointment and trapped in a traffic jam but slower when we are sitting in a dentist’s chair having a tooth drilled? Does it start out slow in childhood, pick up speed in adulthood, and race by when we grow old? Or does it only seem to behave that way?

How strange that something so important as time is often misunderstood or taken for granted.… Read More


Restoring Respect for Others

Good SamaritanOver the past sixty or so years, respect for others has diminished in our culture; today even the related obligation of self-respect is often ignored. The reason is that the emphasis has shifted from responsibilities to rights, especially one’s own rights. As a result, many people are so busy monitoring how other people treat them that they are oblivious of how they treat others.… Read More


Envisioning America in 2050

50879550 - court concept for islamic sharia laws and practicesForecasting the future is an inexact enterprise at best. Yet examining current conditions and trends is a helpful way of identifying what dangers need to be addressed. Earlier this year British conservative Paul Weston offered some thoughts that merit Americans’ attention.

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference on March 3, 2016 Weston pointed out that Sweden has lost its demographic contest with Islam, Britain is losing theirs, and America will in all likelihood follow suit in the coming decades.… Read More


Pokémon Go: One More Sign of Decline

Pokemon GoYou can see them walking singly, in pairs, or in large groups, moving like zombies, looking down at their cell phones as if in a trance. They cross lawns and driveways, step into moving traffic, roam through parks and college campuses, and enter stores, libraries, even churches. They are not zombies but devotees of the latest game craze, Pokémon Go.

Developed by Niantic and partly owned by Nintendo, Google, and others, Pokémon Go was introduced in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand on July 6, 2016 and then in other countries.… Read More


The Issue of Transgender Rights

Women, WhateverWhen Solomon wrote “there is nothing new under the sun” in Ecclesiastes 1:9, he surely didn’t envision sexual reassignment surgery. In fact, nowhere in the Bible is the term transgender even mentioned. Only when medical science developed the necessary surgical expertise could a person cross from one gender to another, and that didn’t happen until the 1930s. The first person to have the surgery in the U.S.… Read More


Avoiding Hypersensitivity

Cringing FaceDonald Trump ate a taco on Cinco de Mayo and some of his critics took great offense, calling his action “cultural appropriation.” That was a new term to me, and I couldn’t help wondering how it applied to my Irish/Italian American heritage.

I’ve seen tens of thousands of non-Irish people running about on St. Paddy’s day wearing shamrocks, stuffing themselves with corned beef and cabbage, swilling green beer, and even affecting a brogue.… Read More


The Teaching of Virtue

8-Essential-Money-Lessons-Parents-Need-to-Teach-Their-Kids-photo2Jaime Primak Sullivan has taught her three young children to look people in the eye and say “please” and “thank you” because doing so acknowledges their humanity and shows respect. One day when she took them for ice cream cones and they failed to follow that teaching, she expressed her disappointment and then tossed the cones in the garbage. Later she wrote about the incident in her blog, the story went viral, and she received a variety of reactions, some praising her but others accusing her of being a cruel parent.… Read More


A Reflection on the “Selfie”

Coney Island 1940In a 1940 photo a man lay on the Coney Island beach after being pulled from the surf. The mood was somber and the faces in the surrounding crowd showed concern for the victim—except for one face, that of a woman in the center of the photo, whose smile suggested she was thinking, “Here I am at the scene of a tragedy.” That photo foreshadowed the self-centeredness that has become a dominant characteristic of the present age, a characteristic epitomized by the selfie.… Read More


Who Is Responsible for Violence in America?

Angry MobThe cover of The Week presented a caricature of Donald Trump with his face twisted in an angry snarl and his fist held out as if poised to smash someone’s face. The caption read “The Threat of Violence: Trump’s warning to protesters and Republicans who would block his nomination.” Inside, the magazine addressed the question: “Is his incendiary rhetoric fueling violence?”

The underlying idea is familiar: Trump’s words cause hatred of immigrants, racial division, misogyny, homophobia, and general animosity.… Read More


The Spoiling of Western Civilization

One needn’t be a curmudgeon to perceive that more and more adults are behaving like spoiled children these days. Wanting their own way and demanding that others give it to them. Expecting courtesy from others but refusing to extend it to those around them. Obsessing about their rights but ignoring their responsibilities. Refusing to acknowledge their offenses and, worse, blaming them on others.

Such behavior is found not only in family and personal relationships but in every other social arena, as well.… Read More