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The Exalting of Opinion

Angry Businessman 10922381_sOne of the most deeply held beliefs in American culture is that everyone has the right to his or her opinion. Of course, no reasonable person would deny that such a right exists because the right to express an idea guaranteed in the Constitution includes the right to form and hold that idea.

But the modern view of the right to an opinion goes far beyond that reasonable interpretation.… Read More


The Decline of Common Sense

Education, 37748881_sThe news is filled with evidence that common sense is increasingly uncommon. Here are a few examples:

“Sanctuary Cities” like San Francisco refuse to follow federal law and federal officials ignore the offense. (Common sense suggests that laws should be enforced or repealed, never ignored.)

An illegal alien murders a young woman and some commentators blame Donald Trump for the crime because he previously said illegal immigration is increasing crime.… Read More


Revisiting Truth and Reality

REAL, FAKE 40378853_sI can somewhat identify with Rachel Dolezal, the Spokane NCAA director who was forced to resign when her claim to be black was revealed to be bogus. As a child I was the Lone Ranger. My parents believed I had an active imagination and was just pretending, but I knew better. I was that masked man . . . at least until I was called to dinner.… Read More


Overcoming Inner-City Poverty and Unrest

Kids in ClassroomPoliticians and community activists often claim that the solution to inner-city poverty and unrest is to increase educational and employment opportunities. This notion may get headlines and votes, but it ignores a number of realities. The following ones are among the most important:

Few good teachers are willing to work in schools where there is a high truancy rate and many students who do attend are uninterested in learning and disruptive; also, where large numbers of parents are unconcerned about their children’s performance and where physical assault is a daily concern for teachers.… Read More


The Root Cause of the Baltimore Riots

Protest, 34025973_sThe root cause of the Baltimore riots of April, 2015 wasn’t the Mayor’s poor judgment. It was the erroneous beliefs that shaped her judgment.

There is no question that Mayor Rawlings-Blake erred in giving “space” to those who “wished to destroy,” and in reportedly ordering the police to stand down and “let them loot” because “it’s only property.” But the important question is why she made those decisions—that is, what beliefs governed her thinking. … Read More


A Powerful Lesson About Achievement

Black Student, 22168429_sThe story offered insight into one of the most serious social problems of our time—the plight of the black underclass. Unfortunately, the media could only spare it passing mention before returning to their standard fare of turmoil, mayhem, and woe.

The story is that of 17-year-old black student Kwasi Enin of Long Island, NY, an outstanding role model not only for other black youth but for all American youth.… Read More


The Power of Precedent

Open Books, 7523951_sIn 1894 Sam Walter Foss composed an allegory in verse. It begins centuries ago with a calf wobbling through the woods, making a crooked trail. A dog and then a sheep followed, making the trail a path. Men followed too, and it became, by turns, a road, a village street, and a crowded thoroughfare. The final stanzas are as follows:

Each day a hundred thousand rout / Followed this zigzag calf about / And o’er his crooked journey went / The traffic of a continent.… Read More


What Has Happened to America?

Truth, 20009265_sMany people are asking what has happened to our country. The question is occasioned both by the growing number of problems facing us—including terrorism, racial unrest, governmental profligacy, political intransigence, and educational decline—and by our diminishing ability to solve these problems.

I believe the best answer to the question is, “Relativism happened.” That is, truth is no longer considered objective and discovered, but instead subjective and created to fit our individual wishes and assumptions.… Read More


Feminism and Sharia Law

Muslim Woman13591977_sThe last group one would expect to be helping advance Sharia (Islamic) law is feminists, and yet they are doing just that, albeit unintentionally.

As is well known, Feminism opposes male domination and the political and social systems that perpetuate it and discriminate against women. In contrast, Sharia law prescribes and celebrates male domination and consigns women to subordinate status. Though specific Sharia rules can vary, the following ones are among the most common:

A man can have four wives, a woman only one husband

A woman needs her spouse’s consent to obtain a divorce.… Read More


The Decline of Thinking

Mind as Puzzle, 11498622_sAn interesting observation about the prevalence of inconsistencies and contradictions is making the email rounds. “Food for Thought” by someone named or pen-named Junius P. Long is a simple list of eleven examples, including these:

Children need a note from parents to bring an aspirin to school but not to get an abortion

We need photo identification to buy liquor or get on a plane but not to vote

In New York City, two 16-ounce sodas can be purchased, but not one 24-ouncer

Workers gives tax money to the government, then the government gives it to non-workers

Long’s list can easily be lengthened.… Read More