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America’s Troubled Culture

American culture is infected with Relativism, the belief that everyone creates his or her own truth. In other words, that people don’t only have a right to their opinion—their opinions are necessarily right! At first thought, this notion seems eminently democratic and fair. It makes each individual the arbiter of fact and fiction, truth and error, wisdom and nonsense.

However, as Mortimer Adler noted*, this idea is as false today as it was when it was first proposed in Ancient Greece.… Read More


The Decline of Thinking

Mind as Puzzle, 11498622_sAn interesting observation about the prevalence of inconsistencies and contradictions is making the email rounds. “Food for Thought” by someone named or pen-named Junius P. Long is a simple list of eleven examples, including these:

Children need a note from parents to bring an aspirin to school but not to get an abortion

We need photo identification to buy liquor or get on a plane but not to vote

In New York City, two 16-ounce sodas can be purchased, but not one 24-ouncer

Workers gives tax money to the government, then the government gives it to non-workers

Long’s list can easily be lengthened.… Read More