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Gadgets and Grace

Grace (dove) 27251776_sIf God attempts to communicate with Americans or other westerners these days, chances are He’ll get a busy signal.

Our romance with cell phones, not to mention laptops and tablets, video games, music devices, and other electronic gadgets has passed the point of preoccupation and in some cases has reached obsession. Many of us are so busy calling, tweeting, and texting  that we completely ignore the people standing next to us or sitting across from us.… Read More


The Unanticipated Cost Of Being Connected

Communication technology promised to be a blessing and in many ways it has been. Without question, cut and paste beats crumpling up the paper and starting again, and photocopying beats getting mimeograph ink on a new shirt. (For younger readers, in “olden days” mimeograph fluid was supposed to stay in the machine that cranked out copies of typed information.)

However, in its impact on conversation, technology has been a curse.… Read More