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Gadgets and Grace

Grace (dove) 27251776_sIf God attempts to communicate with Americans or other westerners these days, chances are He’ll get a busy signal.

Our romance with cell phones, not to mention laptops and tablets, video games, music devices, and other electronic gadgets has passed the point of preoccupation and in some cases has reached obsession. Many of us are so busy calling, tweeting, and texting  that we completely ignore the people standing next to us or sitting across from us.… Read More


Refusing to Listen Can Be Costly

Woman covering earsWhen little children don’t want to hear what they are being told, they put their hands over their ears and repeat, “I’m not listening” to further drown out the unwanted message. Such behavior is not very charming in children and much less so in adults, particularly in people who hold important positions.

Recently I was speaking with the executive director of a company I do business with.… Read More