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Raising Workplace Morale

MORALE, checked at TinEyeI entered the newly designed express lane at the grocery store, said “Hi” to the cashier, and then realized I was on the back side of the lane, which looked exactly like the front side! The cashier said, with evident frustration, “It’s happened a lot lately. I wish the managers had gotten input from the cashiers before changing the lanes.”

The problem is not new, nor is it confined to grocery stores.… Read More


Thinking Deficiency Syndrome

Back of Head with LightbulbNever heard of Thinking Deficiency Syndrome (TDS)? That’s not surprising. I just invented the term and the acronym because a condition that is approaching epidemic proportions deserves an important-sounding name.

You may know TDS by an older, currently anathema name: stupidity. But whatever we call this affliction, it is increasingly on display among politicians, business leaders, educators, our families, our friends, and even (gasp!) ourselves.… Read More