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An Honest Conversation About Gun Control

I’d love to have an honest conversation with a liberal about gun control, but the truth is, the liberals I know are willing to talk to me, or at me, but not with me, at least not about this subject. So I’ve decided to have an imaginary conversation. The challenge for me is to avoid making my imaginary liberal friend (LF) a straw man, so I’ll do my best to put in my liberal friend’s “mouth” only what I have heard actual liberals say on the subject.… Read More


Who Is Responsible for Violence in America?

Angry MobThe cover of The Week presented a caricature of Donald Trump with his face twisted in an angry snarl and his fist held out as if poised to smash someone’s face. The caption read “The Threat of Violence: Trump’s warning to protesters and Republicans who would block his nomination.” Inside, the magazine addressed the question: “Is his incendiary rhetoric fueling violence?”

The underlying idea is familiar: Trump’s words cause hatred of immigrants, racial division, misogyny, homophobia, and general animosity.… Read More


Flirting with Fascism

MussoliniAmerica has undergone a dramatic cultural shift in the short space of a half-century. The 1960s celebrated freedom from the restraint of traditional morals and mores and celebrated open-mindedness and diversity. Among the guiding principles of that time were “Truth is relative—everyone creates her own” and “No one should be able to impose his beliefs on others.” Today those principles are largely ignored by the very people who embraced them in their youth.… Read More


Let Them Respond . . . Please!

Man Browbeating 4926088644_226da4a963_zMy heart goes out to the guests on news analysis shows. After spending years acquiring expertise in their fields, they get invited to share their knowledge. But then, when asked a question, before they get ten words into their answers they are interrupted and even told that they are wrong.

Here’s a fairly typical example. A host asked a guest why young people are shying away from Obamacare.… Read More