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Foolishly Forsaking Humility

pharisee-publicanIn 1980 Mac Davis wrote “Oh, Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble (if you’re perfect in every way)”  He was not disparaging humility, of course, but having fun with the human tendency to overweening pride and self-importance. Yet ironically, at that very time, the self-esteem movement was championing what he was mocking.

The self-esteem movement proclaimed that humility is an obstacle to mental health. It urged people to love themselves, accept themselves unconditionally, esteem themselves, and banish all feelings of shame and guilt.… Read More


The Teaching of Virtue

8-Essential-Money-Lessons-Parents-Need-to-Teach-Their-Kids-photo2Jaime Primak Sullivan has taught her three young children to look people in the eye and say “please” and “thank you” because doing so acknowledges their humanity and shows respect. One day when she took them for ice cream cones and they failed to follow that teaching, she expressed her disappointment and then tossed the cones in the garbage. Later she wrote about the incident in her blog, the story went viral, and she received a variety of reactions, some praising her but others accusing her of being a cruel parent.… Read More