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Obama’s Self-Deception

Obama SpeakingSince he first assumed office, President Obama has steadfastly refused to acknowledge Islamic terrorism, even when the perpetrators admit to acting in the name of radical Islam. Instead, he classifies their actions as “workplace violence” or “lone wolf attacks.”

Many conclude that President Obama has deliberately tried to deceive the American people. After all, they reason, no Christian, Jew, or Buddhist has ever committed a violent act while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” So no honest person can deny that those who do so are Muslim.… Read More


“I Am Charlie”? Really?

Protesters, Banner2336148_sAfter the French magazine Charlie Hebdo ran a series of cartoons satirizing Mohammed, the Koran, and Islamic religious leaders, Islamic terrorists attacked their Paris office and killed twelve people while shouting, “We have avenged the prophet Mohammed” and “Allah is great.”

The world was horrified at the news, but a defiant mood quickly arose. “I am Charlie” banners appeared on buildings and in newspapers and magazines to show solidarity with the victims.… Read More