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Should You Trust Your Doctor?

Doctor & Patient 21406291_sMedicine, like other professions, has some outstanding practitioners, some incompetents, and a large number of mediocre performers. It’s especially hard to assess physicians, however, because their judgments have an air of authority and scientific certainty.

Unfortunately, many laypeople are inclined to trust their doctors implicitly, and that can be a mistake, often with serious consequences.

For one thing, it is hard for doctors to keep up with scientific data.Read More


In Praise of Pharmaphobia

Phobia Photo (123RF)_s copyI appreciate the value of prescription medicines as much as anyone. When I was ten years old, the then-new wonder drug penicillin saved me from peritonitis. I know, too, that other drugs perform medical miracles today. Yet even so, I am wary of prescription medicines, taking them only when I am convinced they are necessary, and such occasions have been rare.

In short, I am a pharmaphobe, and for several good reasons.… Read More