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Stimulating Catholic Intellects, Part III

Human MindSummary of Parts I and II: With Christianity under attack from secularism, selfism, socialism, and Islamism, Catholics need to be engaged in its defense. Their arguments should focus on reason more than faith because that is the focus their opponents understand. Yet Catholics have been conditioned to distrust their own reasoning. They therefore need to overcome this handicap and engage issues, becoming acquainted with a variety of views, including those outside their religious and philosophical perspective.Read More


Stimulating Catholic Intellects, Part II

Books in PileChristians should be leading the defense of western civilization against the threats of secularism, selfism, socialism, and Islamism. Lamentably, they are not showing that leadership, mainly because of the arguments they use. Protestants generally use biblical arguments; Catholics, biblical and doctrinal arguments. Such arguments, based on Revelation, are perfectly valid. Yet they are unimpressive to people who reject the authority of the Bible and the Church.… Read More


Stimulating Catholic Intellects


Library (Heavenly)Ambrose Bierce, a master of insightful wit, once defined the term Scriptures as “the sacred books of our holy religion, as distinguished from the false and profane writings on which all other faiths are based.” The sly implication that no religion has greater insight into the divine than all other religions is, of course, false—there are truths about the divine as about any other subject, and some inquirers (and religions) are more successful than others in identifying them.… Read More