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Politics and the Pulpit

Pulpit, 16372970_sThe question of whether politics should have a place in the pulpit has been with us for decades. At times dormant, it has arisen again as the 2014 elections draw near, and it poses a dilemma for religious leaders.

The IRS rules forbid religious groups from direct or indirect involvement in political campaigns or for publicly supporting or opposing “any candidate for public office.” Some church leaders regard this as government pressure to restrict their First Amendment rights.… Read More


Obama’s Perplexing Behavior

Obama SpeakingDid President Obama really say, “ I will not stand for this outrage” and then proceed to sit down? Well, not quite. But he might as well have. Making forceful statements and then doing nothing has been the President’s pattern with the Benghazi scandal, the “Fast and Furious” scandal, the IRS scandal, the Associated Press phone records scandal, the botched rollout of Affordable Health Care, the “Red Line” debacle with Syria, Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and most recently, the Veterans Administration (VA) hospital scandal.… Read More