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Taking a Knee . . . for What?

The NFL kneeling syndrome is no longer on the front pages. It has been displaced by the hurricanes and the Las Vegas massacre. But before it is forgotten, we need to examine it closely and identify the lessons it holds for us.

Sparked by Colin Kaepernick’s example a year earlier, the kneeling behavior spread to large numbers of players and some managers and owners. The public was divided over it.… Read More


Relieving Sports Fans’ Woes

We're # 1Deep in every human heart is the wish to make a contribution to humanity. Not necessarily a big one like finding a cure for a disease, inventing a labor saving device, or ending a war. Just something that makes the world at least a little bit better. That wish has led me to consider how to relieve the recurring sadness experienced by sports fans.

There are, of course, moments of joy and exhilaration for every sports fan, such as seeing one’s team make a difficult play, win a challenging contest in the closing seconds, or reach the pinnacle of a league, or world, championship.… Read More