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Trump’s Intellectual Difficulties

Trump, 23231295_sSince Donald Trump began campaigning for the presidency a year ago, his name-calling and denigration of individuals and groups and self-congratulatory proclamations have been continually reported and criticized. (See, for example, “The GOP Nightmare.”) So much as been said, in fact, that one might conclude there is nothing to add. Yet there are several important criticisms of Donald Trump that have not been made, or at least have not been given the attention they deserve.… Read More


How Charitable Are the Candidates?

Good SamaritanIn evaluating political candidates, it is helpful to determine how closely their actions match their words. In the matter of overcoming poverty, for example, Democrats believe governmental programs are necessary whereas Republicans believe private charities such as churches are more effective. We would therefore expect Republican candidates to give more of their personal income to private charities.

Let’s see if that is the case.

Donald Trump reportedly had an income of $362 million in 2014.… Read More


Was My Primary Vote Wasted?

Marco Rubio 2I got up before dawn on March 15th to cast my vote in the Florida presidential primary. The candidate I chose had impressed me with the soundness of his perspective, the logic and coherence of his arguments, and the eloquence of his delivery.

Despite my confidence in the candidate, however, I felt oddly uncomfortable in casting my vote. The reason was not the fact that he made one or two mistakes in the debates.… Read More


The GOP Nightmare

Trump Photo 2To date, the race for the Republican presidential nomination may be summarized as follows:

Trump blustered and bullied, onstage and off. The debate moderators indulged him while the press gave his outbursts free publicity. As a result, Trump’s opponents had difficulty getting their messages heard.

With celebrity and emotion trumping experience and thoughtful discourse, primary voters have followed their understandable feelings of resentment toward the GOP in particular (and politicians in general) and provided Trump a commanding lead.… Read More


Leaning Toward Rubio

Marco Rubio 2Like many other Americans, I have not yet decided which Republican candidate I will support. As the campaign has progressed, my preferences have changed.

Prior to the campaign, I had great respect for Jeb Bush because I considered him a man of integrity who did an excellent job as governor of my state. I was also impressed by his plain-spokenness and humble demeanor. However, from the outset of the debates, he seemed weak and uncertain, even at times confused.… Read More


Hillary’s 600 Unanswered Requests

Hillary SpeakingWhat is most troubling about Secretary Clinton’s testimony on the Benghazi affair is the fact that 600 requests from Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff for extra security went unanswered. Subsequently, Islamic terrorists killed four Americans.

These days, when news reports speak in terms of billions and trillions, 600 may seem a trivial number. Perhaps that is why so many media people ignored the matter entirely, focusing instead on Secretary Clinton’s calm demeanor during the hearing, and concluding that she had vanquished her Republican “oppressors” and secured her position as the leading Democratic presidential candidate.… Read More


Capitalizing on Republican Resources

White House, 32738169_sThough it’s much too early to predict the outcome of the Republican presidential sweepstakes, it’s not too early to speculate about which two candidates would provide the strongest, most electable ticket and to imagine what offices the other candidates might fill.

Many pundits believe that Donald Trump will continue to wow the crowds and lead the polls for a time but ultimately lose. A growing number believe, too, that Jeb Bush has been sufficiently weakened by Trump’s attacks and his own lackluster responses to lose his bid.… Read More


The Coming Attacks on Trump

Trump, 23231295_sDonald Trump has already been the subject of one attack ad by Senator Rand Paul, and other candidates are reportedly planning to launch similar attacks in the coming months. I believe this will be a serious mistake.

I should begin by pointing out that I have not been a Trump supporter. In fact, in a July 2015 essay I noted that, though he is forthright in expressing his views about the serious problems facing the country, he is prone to demonize those who disagree with him.… Read More


Donald Trump’s Favor

Trump, 23231295_sDonald Trump exploded onto the Republican presidential scene in July, bringing a level of excitement far beyond what the other dozen or so candidates had generated combined. With the excitement came two controversies and a commanding lead in the polls. The latter development left detractors questioning the good sense of the people polled, and supporters claiming Trump had tapped a deep reservoir of public dissatisfaction with government.… Read More


The Democrats’ Advantage

24459927_sWhy do today’s Democrats do so much better than Republicans at the polls? Their supporters say because their programs are more responsive to citizens’ needs. More objective analysts say because they do a better job of getting out the vote. David Horowitz offers a very different and I believe more insightful argument in his pamphlet Go for the Heart.

Horowitz, whose parents were communists, was a liberal activist in his youth but then renounced leftist philosophy for conservatism.… Read More