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The Excuse Awards

goreAs everyone knows, the results of the first presidential debate are in and over 60% of those polled consider Mitt Romney the clear winner. Barack Obama’s performance was so unimpressive that millions of people around the world wondered how a man widely regarded as among the brightest and most eloquent of our time could have fallen so short of expectations.

Administration officials and Obama supporters were quick to offer a variety of explanations, a number of which were nominated for the coveted 2012 Presidential Debate Excuse Awards.… Read More


How Reliable Are Your News Sources?

cronkiteLike millions of other Americans, you will be soon making your election choices based on what you read and hear in the news, so it’s a good time to determine whether your news sources are thorough, fair, and objective. The question is, what is the best way to do this?

A number of authors have written thoughtful analyses of modern journalism. The list includes Bernard Goldberg, William McGowan, James Fallows, Tammy Bruce, and Brent BozellRead More


Cardinal Dolan’s Unfortunate Lapse

Cardinal Dolan’s book, True Freedom, is available from Amazon. Actually, it’s not a book but an essay, followed by an excerpt from journalist John L. Allen Jr.’s book about the Cardinal, A People of Hope, together totaling 37 pages. The Allen excerpt sets aside journalistic detachment, referring to the Cardinal as “Rome’s go-to guy in America,” “the new media darling of the Church in the United States,” “larger than life,” “relentlessly upbeat,” and “Affirmative Orthodoxy on steroids.”

The Cardinal’s essay is a commentary and a tribute to Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Evangelium Vitae, which argues that human life is sacred, people have an inherent dignity, and these truths are affirmed not only by Christian theology but also by reason.… Read More


Catholic Teaching On Homosexuality

PopeFrancisIn the space of four or five decades, homosexuality has changed from perversion to disorder to respectable lifestyle. In the process discrimination against homosexuals has diminished, and that is good. In addition, the Catholic Church has received considerable criticism for refusing to change its view of homosexuality. Critics attribute this refusal to ignorance, stubbornness, contempt for science, and even bigotry. Is such criticism fair? That is the question this essay will address.… Read More


Supporting The Sisters

sistersSupporting the Sisters?

The email was from a friend who had just signed the petition to “Support the Sisters” and wondered if I would sign too. The sisters are the members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) who claim to represent 47,000 women religious.

The petition explained that the nuns were “shocked” at the “crackdown” on American nuns by the Catholic hierarchy, specifically the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. … Read More


An Odd Kind Of Hunger

As I write, The Hunger Games continues as the top box office hit. The film depicts a future North America divided into districts, each of which must send a boy and a girl to compete in an annual, nationally televised kill-or-be-killed competition.  The event, we are told, is a continuing punishment for a previous rebellion against the dominant Capitol district, and the drama arises from the combatants’ struggle for survival.… Read More