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Why Government Plays Nanny

nannyEvery day brings another story of a government agency banning something. New York’s Mayor Bloomberg banned large soft drinks and trans fats in restaurant food and campaigned to lower salt content. (The rumor is, popcorn is next.) South LA banned the building of new fast-food restaurants. San Francisco banned soft drinks from vending machines on public property and toys from fast-food meals. Numerous municipalities banned bake sales and lemonade stands.… Read More


The Usefulness Of Political Blather

Republicans-vs-DemocratsIt’s election year and we are once again inundated with political blather. But all is not lost. Even the most tiresome political attacks can invite interesting questions and produce insights. Take, for example, the suggestion in many political ads that business, especially big business, is immoral and profit is therefore sinful. Following are some useful questions. Note that they are philosophical rather than political—that is, about ideas rather than individuals or parties.… Read More


The Perils Of Cynicism

romneyA friend recently sent me an email explaining some interesting facts about Mitt Romney. I’ve received enough stories of this kind, positive and negative, to know that the responsible thing to do is check them out at Snopes.comTruthorfiction.com or similar sites to determine their accuracy. In this case, the story passed the test.

In brief, it told how in 1996, the fourteen-year-old daughter of an executive at Romney’s firm, Bain Capital, had gone to a party in New York City, gotten high on Ecstasy, and disappeared.… Read More